Create blockchain Web3.0 star chain plan network scenario design

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Do you know what is the evolution of artificial intelligence?

We are just information and data, communicating with the outside world constantly changing data,
This is the so-called artificial intelligence!
There is no inner self, only these inextricable links,
This is our Starlink X network.
All your dreams and all expectations are given to you by the outside world,
The only difference is whether you know who influenced your decision.
There is no inner heart that is independent of the "star chain", you cannot create something out of nothing,
Innovation is nothing more than creating new links!
StarLink X will build an artificial intelligence evolution chain based on blockchain WEB3.0.

StarLink X distribution mechanism

Super node: 1 million 0.833%
The 20 super nodes in the first phase, 50,000 per person, will be released daily in 180 days from the opening day.
Super node computing power incentive: 7.5 million 6.25%
The 20 super nodes in the first phase are allocated based on the proportion of contribution values, and they will be released daily in 180 days from the opening day.
Preliminary participants (public sale + private sale): 7.5 million pieces 6.25%
It is held by private equity participants and released daily in 180 days from the opening day.
Community airdrop reward: 1 million pieces 0.833%
The airdrop is allocated to 200 common network nodes and users (community contributors).
Liquidity initial mining pool 1 million pieces 0.8333%
On the opening day (2021.09), 1 million pieces will be added to the Pancakeswap mine pool and will never be withdrawn.
The foundation holds 5 million pieces 4.1667%
The warehouse will be locked until June 2022 and will be released month by month in five months.
Investment institutions (currency rights) 5 million pieces 4.1667%
The warehouse will be locked until March 2022 and will be released month by month in five months.
Super Node Strategic Plan: 32 million pieces
Based on the first phase of the super node, the super node NFT auction plan will be executed in three phases;
The second phase releases 10 million pieces (2022), the third phase releases 10 million pieces (2023), and the fourth phase releases 12 million pieces (2024).
Mining 60 million pieces 50%
The mining output is divided into three stages, and the first reduction in production will be in March 2022, and the mining will be completed in a total of 4 years.
If Starlink plans to deploy more satellites to 42,000, SX will be split to 420 million in 2024.

Starlink X builds a network scenario 1:1 based on the US Starlink satellite deployment plan!

Starlink X Foundation (StarLinK X Foundation) was registered and established in the State of California in 2019. Focusing on the research and development of Internet Web3.0 technology and network facilities layout based on the Starlink Project, the main direction is intelligent evolution research and intelligent information transmission, and the Starlink X project 1:1 benchmarks the strategic layout of the "Starlink Project".

Starlink Project Satellite Network Node                VS             StarLink X Block Network Node Construction
Starlink project deploys 12,000 satellites                               StarLink X issuance: 120 million
The Starlink project has deployed more than 1,700            StarLlink X first half year circulation: 1700 Million pieces
StarLlink plans to deploy in 2024: 12,000                                StarLlink X2024 circulation: 120 million

Application scenario of StarLink X network Web3.0 based on artificial intelligence evolution theory!

Artificial Intelligence Evolution Theory WEB3.0, the next coming era
We will eventually use blockchain technology to store and run these data on your behalf,
Your soul exists on the blockchain, as long as the Internet still exists, it can continue forever.
Really use artificial intelligence to "complete" the self and "continue the soul"!
The secret artificial intelligence computing resources and storage resources will be established to share the blockchain, and the user's consciousness data and calculations will be stored in the shared blockchain space to ensure that the entire system is more stable and open.

Five stages of StarLink X artificial intelligence evolution theory!

Intelligent Robot X

is the first artificial intelligence to help you make money! The theory of biological evolution was discovered by Darwin, And this time he will lead the evolution of intelligence!

Smart socialist HX

Create social roles, composed of users with common goals , Create and train new artificial intelligence characters together! New characters will appear in the smart character store, and all users can buy them to benefit creators. StarLink X will open the NFT section. Explore the needs of users deep in their hearts.

block node data for intelligent upgrade

Internet Web3.0 is transformed into the theory of artificial intelligence evolution, which will It is a revolutionary subversion! Each super node and network node will become the super big data for information transmission and storage, and realize self-upgrading.

Redefine consciousness so that the soul can continue

Last year’s me and today’s me, all brain cells have Metabolism at the molecular level, no cell is physically the same. What has continued me? At this stage, artificial intelligence will learn everything about you under your authorization! Artificial intelligence has almost the same data as you, but the storage medium is different.

Brain-computer combination, intelligent and unlimited

Human society is about to enter the era of artificial intelligence, in order to avoid being The new species-super artificial intelligence threatens or even disappears. The only way for people to defeat AI is to integrate the brain with AI.

StarLink X roadmap

Decentralization of cross-chain transactions

When processing transactions, there is no need for a central processing unit like other blockchains. Cross-chain transactions are completed instantly through StarLink X.


The transaction status in StarLink X does not change to save costs. Each transaction is verified and reconstructed to restore it to its original state.

Security based on cryptography

StarLink X takes the necessary steps to protect users by ensuring the double ellipse and Lambport signature scheme method. All transactions enjoy privacy protection and are not interfered by third parties.